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Mascot Toni of the Hotel Tirolerhof in Flachau
December 2018
December 2018

Social gathering in a cosy atmosphere

My Restaurants

The restaurants and dining rooms in the hotel complex are located in the main building ‘Tirolerhof’. Every restaurant area was furnished with great attention to detail, true to its name, and invites you to linger for a while and enjoy culinary delicacies.
Restaurant "Garden" with the "Tree of Life"

Restaurant "Garden"

Right in the middle of the ‘Garden’ restaurant stands the artistically designed ‘Tree of Life’ which represents our deep roots in Austrian customs, its traditions and the appreciation of spending hours surrounded by your loved ones.
The rustically furnished "Holzhackerstub'n"


The so-called "Holzhackerstub'n" is a little bit hidden, directly behind the ‘Garden’ restaurant. A rustically furnished room with a high "cosiness and sociability factor".
Sun-filled restaurant "Winter Garden"

Restaurant "Winter Garden"

The sun-filled ‘Winter Garden’ restaurant is so cosily furnished that not only will your stomach be left feeling well after tasting the excellent flavours, but also your body and soul, in harmony with each other, will immediately switch off from the stress of everyday life.
Take a quick look at the ceiling at the "Tiroler Platzl"

"Tiroler Platzl"

In the ‘Tiroler Platzl’ an extraordinary wooden ceiling motif depicts the two most important Austrian states for us – the state of Tirol which inspired the name of the hotel and the beloved home state of Salzburg. In both states, traditions and values as well as friendliness and an attachment to home is deeply rooted in the daily life of the locals.
The rustic snuggery "Bauernstub'n"


The ‘Bauernstub’n’ is a rustic snuggery with old wood panelling, as has been typical of the local farms for many decades, and offers an especially authentic, traditional and rustic flair at dinner time.
Enjoy your meal at the comfortable "Defregger Stub'n"

"Defregger Stub'n"

The entrance to the ‘Defregger Stub’n’ can be found right next to the spacious buffet area. At dinner in this beautiful restaurant, not only will the good food impress, but also the elaborate murals in the style of the Austrian painter and poet Defregger.
Red Lounge with view to the Hotel Bar

Hotel Bar, "Bauerntisch" and "Red Lounge"

The social gathering continues in the hotel bar, at the rustic ‘Bauerntisch’ next to the fireplace or in the adjoining ‘Red Lounge’ where, thanks to the large window façade, you can enjoy watching the last sunbeams of the day in summer or the softly falling snowflakes in winter, in a relaxed atmosphere.


Buffet area
Nice hours in the Red Lounge
Dinner in the "Defregger Stub'n"
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