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Mascot Toni of the Hotel Tirolerhof in Flachau
December 2018
December 2018

Become a guest in the ‘living room’ of the big Tirolerhof family

My Hosts

Margaretha and Michael Oberreiter run the Hotel Tirolerhof together with their daughter Patricia and son-in-law Martin Fischbacher. The Tirolerhof is entirely family run. Our motto, ‘The Hotel with Heart’, is not a marketing ploy, the host family and the whole Tirolerhof team actually live by it. The Tirolerhof is not just the workplace of the family, it’s their big ‘living room’. In the Tirolerhof, hospitality means seeing our guests and staff as family and presenting our hotel as ‘a snug, friendly home from home’.
Host family Huber in the 80s

“Hand on your heart. If you can feel it beating, then emotions are in play and your heart is part of it. Then you must be in the Tirolerhof.”

With great joy and passion for working in tourism, Margaretha and Michael Oberreiter took over the running of the hotel at the end of the 1980s. The Tirolerhof Guesthouse was built between 1983 and 1984 by Simon and Maria Huber, the parents of Margaretha Oberreiter. At that time, the Tirolerhof consisted of around 30 guest beds and a popular à la carte restaurant. Over the years since, with a lot of commitment and courage to embrace change, the guesthouse has been expanded into an extensive four-star hotel complex.
Margaretha Oberreiter

Margaretha Oberreiter

Margreth has always been the soul of the business. She makes sure everything runs smoothly in the reception, housekeeping and the service area and she’s also in charge of the commercial work including accounting and bookkeeping. She loves tending to guests personally – she is always happy to have a quick chat at reception or during dinner. Lovingly decorating the hotel is also very important to her. As a long-standing committee member of the tourism association of Flachau, in the past two decades, she has supported many trendsetting decisions in the superb development of tourism in Flachau. In her rare free time, she enjoys spending time with her loved ones, especially her little granddaughters Elisa, Philomena and Carolina.
Michael Oberreiter

Michael Oberreiter

Michael is responsible for managing the hotel staff, purchasing goods and selecting the daily menu together with the chef. His favourite tasks include the weekly tour of the town, bingo night and the regular guided hikes with hotel guests. His son-in-law, Martin, now supports him in looking after the guests and also in his assignments as New Year's Eve and carnival DJ. Thanks to his strong pioneering spirit, he is always open to innovations and exciting renovation work, but at the same time, it is extremely important to him that, despite being a spacious hotel complex, the Tirolerhof still maintains its cosy, family ambience. On his rare days off, he loves to go on long walks or various cycling trips in Flachau and the surrounding areas with his wife Margreth – or sometimes go to watch FC Salzburg football matches.
Patricia Fischbacher

Patricia Fischbacher

The Tirolerhof is just unimaginable without Patricia who, since 2010, has been given a huge range of tasks. She is the head of reception, marketing expert, cocktail expert and much more... Patricia’s main roles include reservations and everything to do with marketing and sales. In addition to the many joys and challenges that the hotelier life brings, she enjoys a bit of peace and quiet with her husband Martin, her little daughter Philomena and Labrador Lina on hikes through the wonderful Salzburg mountains or, in winter, a little break on two boards in the Flachau ski area.
Martin Fischbacher

Martin Fischbacher

Martin got on board in summer 2016 and, with a lot of commitment and passion, became an important part of the big Tirolerhof family in a very short period of time. With his friendly manner, he not only won over Patricia’s heart, but also quickly managed to wrap his in-laws, the staff and regular guests around his little finger. Along with personally looking after guests, Martin’s main roles include purchasing drinks and goods, selecting wines for the Tirolerhof wine cellar, maintaining the grounds and leading the service team. His hobby and safe haven is the hotel’s flower and herb garden – a passion which he also shares with his mother-in-law Margreth. Martin regains energy for the demanding hotel life on trips exploring nature with his wife Patricia, his little daughter Philomena and dog Lina, or during a social get-together with good friends and a glass of wine.
Margaretha & Michael Oberreiter with Patricia & Martin Fischbacher, as well as Simone & Reinhard Rettensteiner with Elisa

My Host Family

Second daughter Simone lives with her husband Reinhard and little princesses Elisa and Carolina in Reitdorf, just a few kilometres from the hotel, and regularly takes on important marketing or reservation tasks. Long-term business goals are set together by the whole family so that their own very high standards continue to be met. The solidarity of the family, the passion for the job and the joy in constantly innovating and improving make the Tirolerhof what it is – a ‘Hotel with Heart’.

My Tirolerhof Team

Of course, many additional helping hands are needed along with the hosts in order to maintain the high quality of the hotel operations and the hotel philosophy when working with guests. The motivated Tirolerhof team is the heart of the hotel.
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