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December 2018
December 2018

From a small guest house, to a popular four-star hotel for family activities

My ‘Hotel with Heart’ Throughout Time

The Tirolerhof is a family-run four-star hotel resort located right in the town centre of Flachau in the Austrian state of Salzburg. The complex consists of three separate buildings which are connected by a unique underground walkway experience, the so-called ‘Tirolerhof Dörfl’.

How It All Began

From then to now ...

Between 1983 and 1984, Simon and Maria Huber, the parents of now hotel owner Margaretha Oberreiter, built the Tirolerhof Guesthouse. At that time, the Tirolerhof consisted of around 30 guest beds and a popular à la carte restaurant. A great après-ski was held every day in the spacious hotel bar.
Construction of the Hotel Tirolerhof in the years 1983/1984
Newly constructed Hotel Tirolerhof
Aerial photography from the Hotel Tirolerhof in the 80s
Tirolerhof 1988
Host family Huber in the 80s
Host family Huber with staff in den 80s
Little by little, the guesthouse was expanded into the hotel complex we see today.
In 1991, we built the accompanying apartment building ‘Loipenhof’. The 'Loipenhof' was then connected with the main building ‘Tirolerhof’ in a record-breaking 11 weeks in 2001 through a unique underground walkway experience. In the so-called ‘Tirolerhof Dörfl’, parts of old traditional alpine huts were reconstructed and an old mill wheel was repaired. Along with the hotel’s own small village square with a church tower and cosy viewing gallery, since then, both young and old visitors have been able to enjoy a quaint wine cellar, a large indoor children’s play area including a games room with billiards and table football and much more!

2005 was an extremely important year in the history of our hotel. This year saw the construction of the organic wooden building ‘Bründlhof’ which, with its dream-like indoor swimming pool, including an inviting sun terrace, cosy pinewood relaxation room, an infra-red cabin and a family textile sauna, perfected our four-star hotel facilities. Of course, the ‘Bründlhof’ was also connected to the underground passage "Tirolerhof Dörfl" at the same time and a few years later, in the autumn of 2011, the top floor was also developed into the 'Nature Spa' with massage and cosmetic treatment rooms and a small tea lounge. 

Every autumn, when Flachau gets a bit quieter, we modernise some guest rooms, refurbish the bathrooms, expand the spa areas, renovate the restaurant, bar and buffet area and anything else that needs to be done, so that our hotel meets our own very high standards.

In autumn 2017, we defied the early onset of winter and implemented a long-planned construction project in just a few weeks. In the new AlmRuh Spa featuring the unique Sky infinity outdoor pool, two cosy relaxation rooms with panoramic views, a sun deck and stunning views over the mountains of Flachau, our adult guests can find their personal retreat to switch off, relax and regain their strength. Together with the sauna area which was renovated and modernised the year before, the Tirolerhof now has a wonderful wellness area for adults only (from 16 years) where you can peacefully escape the chaos of everyday life while your children enjoy themselves at the play area, childcare or the indoor swimming pool with other family members.

In December 2022, Margaretha and Michael Oberreiter handed over the management of the hotel to daughter Patricia and her husband Martin Fischbacher in order to take things a little slower in the future and have more time for their four grandchildren.

The next great project is always being planned. We modernized the third floor of the main building in spring 2023 and the new "Tirolerhof Panorama Suites" became a popular "second home" for our dear guests.

From December 2023 we will celebrate "40 years hotel with heart" - a special anniversary that we will celebrate over several months together with our large Tirolerhof family. 
We want to offer the ultimate holiday experience for the whole family. Our aim is to create a cross-generational offer – from grandma and granddad (or even great-grandma and great-granddad) to the parents, right down to the youngest members of the family – which provides a relaxing and diverse stay for all tastes and ages. We see ourselves as a warm family hotel with plenty of activities but where there’s no shortage of relaxation and indulgence and where both young and old can find their personal haven.

Warm-hearted hospitality, good humour, joy and spending some happy time together – our family has lived according to this motto for many years. For us, hospitality means seeing our guests and our staff as friends and family and presenting our hotel as ‘a snug, friendly home from home’.

Our Values and Philosophy:

My big Tirolerhof Family

Hand on your heart. 
If you can feel it beating, then emotions are in play and your heart is part of it.
Then you must be in the Tirolerhof.

Since we also want to offer our large Tirolerhof family a wonderful place to live, or experience, together in the future, the environment and our region are extremely important to us. We attach great value on sustainability and a good relationship with our partners, suppliers and other businesses in Flachau, and especially on the locality and high quality of the products that we use.
My host family

We are delighted about every new member of our big Tirolerhof family and all of us here at the Hotel Tirolerhof in Flachau, look forward to welcoming you with a friendly "Servus und Grüß Gott",

Patricia & Martin Fischbacher with Philomena and Matthäus,
as well as Margaretha & Michael Oberreiter with family and the whole Tirolerhof team

Family Oberreiter and Fischbacher
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