Cross-country skiing at the popular Tauernloipe with entrance right next to Hotel Tirolerhof
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Mascot Toni of the Hotel Tirolerhof in Flachau
December 2018
December 2018

At your own pace through the fairy-tale winter landscape of Flachau

My Cross-Country Skiing and Winter Hiking Paradise

Enjoy the winter using all your senses and be amazed by the glittering snow landscape while cross-country skiing on the best-prepared cross-country ski trails in and around Flachau. Whether you use the classic or skating style – you can set your own perfect pace and enjoy the special feeling for the body, snow and nature which cross-country skiing gives. Cross-country skiing keeps your body and mind fit and increases both the cardiovascular and the entire muscular system, training both your endurance and balance.
Cross-country skiing in Flachau

Direct Access to the Trail

Approximately 260km (162 miles) of the best looked-after and signposted cross-country trails can be found in the Flachau region and the surrounding area – so you can really get your stamina going. Cross-country skiing fans will find that the Tirolerhof is the perfect base for long tours and intense sprints. The famous Tauern cross-country ski trail goes right past the hotel complex, meaning sporty Tirolerhof holidaymakers can access the extensive cross-country ski trail network right from the front door.
Several rental shops are located in close proximity to the Tirolerhof and, of course, you’ll have more fun if you’ve got the right technique. The following ski and sport schools in Flachau also offer cross-country skiing courses:
Winter hiking in Flachau and the surrounding area

Clear air, a dream-like winter landscape and the quiet crunching of snow under your boots on winter hikes in Flachau

Get active in the fresh air and enjoy the idyllic, white, winter landscape – even without cross-country skis – on a pleasant winter hike in Flachau and the surrounding area.

A winter hike doesn’t need much, just good footwear, warm clothes and you’re ready to get out and explore the wonderful natural landscape of the Flachau valley, home to around 40km (25 miles) of cleared winter hiking trails. You’ll also find lots of rustic huts to warm up and relax along the way.


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