Enjoy unique snow adventures during your winter holiday in Flachau
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Mascot Toni of the Hotel Tirolerhof in Flachau
December 2018
December 2018

Diverse winter activities on and off the pistes

My Snow Adventure in Flachau

A fun toboggan ride is a welcome diversion on any winter holiday. Several toboggan runs in Flachau and the surrounding area guarantee huge fun for young and old, day and night. But that’s not the only snow adventure which guarantees excitement, fun and thrills for visitors of all ages in Flachau. A short overview of the diverse winter activities and snow adventures in the Flachau valley can be found here:
Fun toboggan ride on one of the toboggan runs in Flachau

Pure Pleasure on a Toboggan

Let’s go on a fun toboggan ride in Flachau! Several toboggan runs, most of which are also floodlit in the evenings, guarantee great fun at day and night. A cosy stop in one of the rustic huts is a must for any toboggan ride. Warmed up and with plenty of energy, it’s then time to head back down to the valley on two runners. Toboggans can be rented at any of the huts on the tobogganing runs. We also have some toboggans available free of charge at the Tirolerhof for our guests.

Toboggan Runs in Flachau

  • Sattelbauer Toboggan Run (partly floodlit - 3km/1.9 miles)
  • Brennhütte & Munzenhof Toboggan Runs (floodlit - 2km/1.2 miles)
  • Winterbauer Toboggan Run (floodlit - 2.5km/1.5 miles)
  • Winklalm Toboggan Run (floodlit on Thursdays - 3km/1.9 miles)
  • Lucky Flitzer Alpine Coaster (all-weather toboggan run – 1.08km/0.67 miles track length)
Snowshoeing through the untouched deep snow

Pure Nature on a Snowshoe Hike

Stomping through the untouched deep snow in the 'Salzburg Sportwelt' with snow shoes is a particularly intense nature experience. An excursion wearing snowshoes on a gentle mountain ridge or through a snow-covered forest is a real holiday highlight. Snowshoeing can be done alone or as a guided tour in a group.

The following ski and sport schools in Flachau also offer guided snowshoe hikes

Pure Enjoyment on a ski tour in Flachau

Pure Enjoyment on a Ski Tour

A ski tour is also a special winter experience. Diverse ski tours with dream-like panoramic views await sporty holidaymakers in the Flachau valley. Enjoy deserved summit victories and wonderful descents in flaky powder snow even more with an experienced guide at your side who knows the local snow, weather and avalanche conditions.

The following ski and sport schools in Flachau also offer guided ski tours

Romantic Horse-Drawn Sleigh Ride

Pure Relaxation on a Horse-Drawn Sleigh Ride

Whether as a couple, romantically cuddled up in thick blankets, or as a family outing with children – a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the wintry Flachau valley is always an experience. Here, it’s about the journey, not the destination. Nowhere can you switch off and ‘decelerate’ more than on a journey with 2 horsepower through the winter landscape, covered in deep snow, with a view of the dream-like Salzburg mountain world.

Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides in Flachau

Pure Variety with Curling, Riding and Telemark Skiing

Being sporty and active in nature with curling, riding or Telemark skiing perfectly rounds off the Flachau holiday programme...
Curling is a winter sport which combines skill and movement in the fresh air in an exceptionally social way and which is also very popular among the locals in Flachau.
The Seestüberl restaurant (Tel. 0043 6457 2837) in Flachau has a well-tended curling rink so you can give this fun winter sport a try.

At the Wastlgut (Tel. 0043 664 344 83 52), young and old, beginners and experienced horse riders alike, can get in the saddle, even on their winter holiday in Flachau. 

Experience skiing like in the past with Telemark skiing. This form of skiing originated in Norway and offers a different kind of skiing experience which should not be missed on your holiday in Flachau.

Telemark courses are offered by:
Snowbiking on the slopes in Flachau

Pure Excitement with Fun Sport in Flachau

A colourful variety of entertaining fun-sport activities awaits young and old in Flachau on and off the pistes. Whether it’s on a rapid trip on the Alpine Coaster Lucky Flitzer, a leisurely round on the spacious trails with a segway, an exciting tour over the pistes with a snow bike or a special bike experience on the trendy fat bike – excitement and fun are pre-programmed in the Flachau fun-sport offers.
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