We cook with regional products and herbs from the hotel garden
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Mascot Toni of the Hotel Tirolerhof in Flachau
December 2018
December 2018

Healthy recuperation in an environmentally conscious environment

My Natural Holiday Pleasure

We all live with our heart and soul deeply rooted in the dream-like Flachau mountain world and highly value responsibly sourcing the valuable resources of the environment. The solar and photovoltaic systems on the roof heat the water and supply a large proportion of the hotel’s electricity, while we use the municipally owned wood chips system for our heating. The ‘Grander’ water vitalises our drinking and swimming pool water in the entire hotel complex and collected rainwater is recycled (for WC flushing or plant water).

Organic Wooden Bründlhof Building

The ‘Bründlhof’ building was built with local wood in timber construction. The wonderful suites and rooms in the ‘Bründlhof’ are made with solid pinewood and the magnificent Nature Spa on the top floor is furnished in natural fir wood.

Climate Alliance Company Tirolerhof

Urkunde Klimabündnis-Betrieb

Already in 2010, the Tirolerhof was certified as a Climate Alliance company for exemplary behaviour and supporting climate protection measures by the Salzburg Environment Service.

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Fresh herbs from the own hotel garden

Regional Organic Products

We work with many local farmers, particularly for fruit and vegetables. Many products come from the alpine pastures of a farm close to our own herb garden, with a good assortment, consistently supplies the hotel kitchen with fresh herbs in summer. Our kitchen team takes great care to use seasonal ingredients and as many regional organic products as possible.

Genuss Region Österreich

Genuss Region Österreich
The Tirolerhof is a member of the Genuss Region Österreich which also gives guests natural access to local cuisine and numerous regional products.
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