Mascot Toni of the Hotel Tirolerhof in Flachau
December 2018
December 2018

Current weather report and forecast for Flachau

My Holiday Weather

What is the weather like in Flachau right now and what can we expect in the next few days? Here is an overview of the current temperatures and the weather forecast for the coming days in Flachau – and with the live webcams, you can also get a picture of the current weather conditions yourself.



morning 14°C Temperature 14°C
Sunshine 50%
Freezing level 3300



afternoon 19°C Temperature 19°C
Sunshine 30%
Freezing level 3100


Yesterday a period of fine weather ended with showers and thunderstorms. All that remains is a lot of humid air and temperatures that are 10 degrees lower than in recent days. Apart from clear spells, the weather will be cloudy with showers and thunderstorms.

Last update: 21.06.2024



Sunday 16°C Temperature 16°C
Sunshine 30%
Freezing level 3200



Monday 22°C Temperature 22°C
Sunshine 70%
Freezing level 3500


Trend Temperature
Freezing level


The front which will arrive here today will only move on slowly tomorrow. We will therefore see a mix of clouds, brighter spells and further showers. The day after tomorrow we will see a return to sunshine and fine weather.

Live Webcams

Achter Jet top station

Achterjet Bergstation

Star Jet 1 base station

Starjet 1 Talstation

Star Jet 3 top station

Starjet 3 Bergstation
Click on the webcam pictures to get a full view of the webcam.
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